The Newest BlackBerry Z10


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The New Technology of Mobile Phone Batteries

The New Technology of Mobile Phone Batteries

All smartphone users are facing the problem with poor battery performance, where you need to charge your phones at least twice a day. although long ago batteries used to last 1 week in our phones.

but the technology of mobile phones is moving faster than the technology of batteries so what is the solution??

some researchers at a university  are working on a battery which can charge for less than 1 second and have performance 1000 times better than normal batteries.

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Iphone 5 vs Samsung S4

 Samsung S4 Vs Iphone 5

The biggest competition these days is between the Iphone 5 and the Samsung S4:

The S4 has larger screen “5 inches 1080*1920 ” and better resolution than Iphone 5 “4 inches 640*1136”.

The S4 can handle 17 hrs talk time while the iphone 5 can only handle 8 hrs.

The S4 has memory (RAM) of 2 GB which is double of the new Iphone 1 GB.
The processors are similar.

s4 has 13 megapixels camera while the iphone has only 8 megapixels.

In general Samsung s4 is much better than any mobile phone in the stores today including the Iphone 5.

The Best Smart Phone

The Best smart phone

When it comes for buying a new smartphone, we ask the same question:

“Which is the best smartphone???”

The answer of this question is not quite easy. we have to consider many factors.

– Do we need a fast mobile with a good memory and processor?

– Do we need a good camera to take pictures and film vids?

– Do we need an advanced operating system so it can run advanced programs and applications?

– Do we need a cheap and affordable mobile phone?

The answer of this question is that we need “ALL OF THE ABOVE THINGS”

The best solution is to go for an android.

Future of mobile technology

Where do you think we can reach with this technology ??

The future of mobile technology

Long ago, the purpose of mobile phones was only to be able to make voice calls.
With the evolution of technology, human needs changed and our mobile devices changed to be something that we cant live without.

These days, the least thing that we can do with our devices is to make voice calls. Their bigger role is for internet browsing, Listening music, taking pictures, using maps and locations, playing games and using other mobile applications.

Where do you think we can reach with this technology ??