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«Mobily» and «BlackBerry» launch payment service via mobile phone account


blackberry and mobily
blackberry and mobily

Announced that all of Etihad Etisalat “Mobily” and “BlackBerry” for the launch of mobile payments to mobile users, “BlackBerry” smart in the Kingdom, and will enable the service users of BlackBerry from Mobily subscribers to purchase apps BlackBerry World and the payment of their account at “Mobily” so that credit is deducted from or added to their bills, this service also allows subscribers to make purchases during use applications for additional content for the same application or add new stages for applications their favorite games.

The payment service will be available to all new subscribers “Mobily” billing system and the system of prepaid cards in the UK and one of the bouquets BlackBerry subscribers.


HTC »plans to launch cheap smart phones

” HTC ” on Sunday that it is currently focusing on the development of a range of smart phones with a cheap price, in order to bring life to its position and its share in this market , as reported by Arab news portal technology.

The news agency “Reuters” director of the company “refers Wang ” as saying , that the problems suffered by the ” HTC ” During the last year, 2013 , was due to its focus on mobile high specifications , which led to the loss of a large part of the market of mobile medium specifications .

HTC cheap smartphone

“Apple” adopt a complex in a form of a spaceship

The Cupertino City Council approved unanimously U.S. technology giant project to establish its administrative complex in the form of a huge spaceship, and the establishment of the building costs $ 5 billion, and is designed to accommodate 14 thousand workers on an area of 260 thousand square meters.
apple spaceship phone
The campus, which is being designed by blue-chip architecture firm Foster + Partners, is designed to be powered by solar panels lining the roof.

iOS 7 Features

Hey Guys
this video talks about the new features of the newly released apple operating system iOS7 .
from my humble point of view there is nothing new in iOS7 in comparison to the android … all these new features exist in android since 1 year ago in in fact iOS 7 is pretty much similar to android now in the feel and use … so i hope apple get us some really new stuff in the field of its software .
any way check this video out ;).

Whatsapp Messenger

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The New Whatsapp messenger,  made a great revolution in the world of communication and mobile phones.

This intelligent application allows you to contact all your friends for free, unlimited texting.

You can share a picture of what you are doing directly, you can share locations and send voice messages.

Moreover this application has low internet consumption so its very appropriate if you have limited internet plan.

This application can work on almost any mobile phone that has internet connection.

its very simple, cheap, and useful application.

The Best Mobile Phone Camera Ever

Nokia Lumia 1020 The best camera experience:Image

The Highest Camera resolution 41 MP and the most amazing zooming:

The Nokia Lumia 1020 gives you the opportunity to experience the highest image quality of a 41-megapixel image sensor with the best smartphone that you can carry.
With the Nokia Lumia 1020 :

  • Very professional zooming experience to capture details you never thought you can capture it. 
  • No matter what are the light conditions you can get great quality pictures.
  • Record high-definition video with high-quality stereo sound.
  • Store and share full-resolution images and video in the cloud with AT&T Locker™.
  • Large screen to display your picture and to be more comfortable taking these pictures.